BF-1225LF “Elf” Drop Trooper WIP


I know it’s not “Song of Ice and Fire” related, but I had some inspiration hit today while listening to Christmas music and assembling a list of Christmas TV to watch. I guess it was semi-inspired by the Santa concept used in Futurama.

I imagined these “Elf” units (modified from my Tyrion model) being the advanced drop units that lead the initial charge ahead of the arrival of “Santa”, a frame not yet designed. (who will likely feature some heavy weaponry, among other undecided systems) The backpack was modified to be a jetpack of sorts, facilitating rapid movements.

It is still a work in progress, though, as they are currently unarmed.


White Walker/Other (Work in Progress)


White Walker/Other

I’m going to do something I don’t generally do, and show an in-progress shot of my current concept for the White Walker/Other.

The legs are originally based on the design for the Ijad Strider, with modifications I thought up while at work. The skis are there to facilitate rapid movement, and can be folded out to represent this. The torso is a modified Chub torso. (I really do love the Chub torso, though not the standard arm design) The “sword” weapon replacing the one arm is a Hero Factory piece that I felt fit the information I’ve found regarding the Others in the original universe, which states that they carry crystal swords. It’s big, but that’s because it’s supposed to be quite threatening.

At the moment, the other arm has no real use. I’m also currently trying to figure out how to make the head work, since the pieces being used to anchor the arms to the torso are in the way, and LDD seems to want to rotate the entire body instead of just the piece if I try the rotate tool. And as stated earlier, I need to come up with a concept for the attachment required for the “Evolutionaries” rule mod that Mantisking came up with.

So, still some work needed, but I feel it’s on it’s way. However, I welcome thoughts, critiques, and ideas, so please post away!