BF-1225LF “Elf” Drop Trooper WIP


I know it’s not “Song of Ice and Fire” related, but I had some inspiration hit today while listening to Christmas music and assembling a list of Christmas TV to watch. I guess it was semi-inspired by the Santa concept used in Futurama.

I imagined these “Elf” units (modified from my Tyrion model) being the advanced drop units that lead the initial charge ahead of the arrival of “Santa”, a frame not yet designed. (who will likely feature some heavy weaponry, among other undecided systems) The backpack was modified to be a jetpack of sorts, facilitating rapid movements.

It is still a work in progress, though, as they are currently unarmed.


Oh hell…

Really, two months since I last posted?  Man, I feel like such a Lego slacker.

I won’t lie, over the past two months I’ve barely even touched LDD, much less an actual Lego brick.  Even with a Lego Store like 5 minutes from where I work.  My creativity has been sorely lacking.  It wasn’t until last week that I did anything at all in any Lego medium, after finishing “Lego: A Love Story” by Jonathan Bender (an intriguing read, and if you have a “Book Express” at any malls near you, it can possibly be had for like $3, depending on store stock).  However, sadly it has mostly been Lego mosaics and dioramas (I’ve been planning a diorama in LDD of a wedding scene based on my wedding next year for my fiancee, and I’ve actually begun constructing a small-scale movie theater out of pieces from a single large Pick-a-Brick cup).

Right now, based on limited budgets and such, I’ve been trying to condense my model creations to minifig scales with simplified designs, but sadly I just can’t seem to recreate the awesomeness I’m seeing all over the place.  But hopefully there will be something to show soon, and maybe something I can really build economically…