All apologies…

60 hours a week is killing my creativity.

When you spend 40 hours a week chasing two year olds around, it leaves you coming home tired.  Even worse when you tack on 15-20 hours over each weekend dealing with adults who often act like two year olds.  So I will admit, I haven’t even opened LDD since…well, probably since I finished my White Walker design.  I’m hoping to get some time on this coming Monday, as I will have the day off due to Labor Day and my fiancee will be out of town, so hopefully I’ll have some exciting new stuff to show off.

I’m also hoping to have some game concepts more fleshed out and ready to share.  Right now, I’ve got plans and designs started for a spy-based game, an Assassin’s Creed-style multiplayer game, and some concepts for some card/board games based around Doctor Who and The Hunger Games.

Maybe the fact that my creativity jumps tracks this rapidly is contributing to my issues…


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