Yes, more excuses, but…


…I do have something to show.

I know I haven’t updated in a couple of weeks.  This is due to a few big changes in my life.  Firstly, I got myself a new job as a preschool teacher (I’m actually about to be NY certified for elementary school, but I have prior preschool experience and love it) and have been training/working and balancing my first job.  Second, my fiancee and I adopted a dog almost two weeks ago from a local shelter.  So, between balancing two jobs and trying to deal with a cute dog with some separation anxiety issues, my internet access has been limited. (to save money, my fiancee and I rely on the free Wifi in our complex’s “library”)

But, I do have some (Non-Song of Ice and Fire) frames to show off.  These were made solely with pieces from the Star Wars Advent Calendar, for a challenge posted by Mantisking on his blog a short while back. I’ve tried before to use the set for weapons assembly, but ran into issues so I abandoned that project.  Here are a couple designs I threw together recently while I had a break…


First is the Scorpio.  It’s designed to dish out punishment at both Direct Fire and HtH ranges, and it should be clear which systems are at which ranges.  It also has a movement system due to the legs, and a sensor system on the front.

Second is the Stinger.  It has dual Direct Fire on the front and two movement systems, plus two SSRs (represented by the red studs).

I’m also working on concepts for some new Song of Ice and Fire frames.  Particularly, Oberyn Martell has become my newest focus, as I want to try and craft a frame worthy of being called by his nickname, the Red Viper.