Oh hai guyz

I come bearing something new!

…Though not necessarily related to A Song of Ice and Fire.  It could be, but for now it’s a simple base MFZ design.  And hey, it’s actually real!ImageImageImage

Right now, I’m calling it the “Strongarm”.  I was looking at random pictures of other designs, and a few pieces in some of the builds stuck out.  I then mentally put them together, and then finally dug out my small box of real life Lego bricks.  The result is a design I’m actually really happy with.

My only current issue is that, with my current piece load, I can’t seem to come up with a leg design that looks suitably beefy enough to “realistically” hold up the torso.  I have leg designs for other frame types and scales, but the torso is just too heavy duty for any of them to feel realistic.  And I’m not entirely happy with the non-gun arm, but that I think will work with some tweaks.

Apologies for the not-so-great photos.  My phone has a pretty decent camera, but at this time of night, I just don’t have a place where I can cleanly photograph the work.


BF-1225LF “Elf” Drop Trooper WIP


I know it’s not “Song of Ice and Fire” related, but I had some inspiration hit today while listening to Christmas music and assembling a list of Christmas TV to watch. I guess it was semi-inspired by the Santa concept used in Futurama.

I imagined these “Elf” units (modified from my Tyrion model) being the advanced drop units that lead the initial charge ahead of the arrival of “Santa”, a frame not yet designed. (who will likely feature some heavy weaponry, among other undecided systems) The backpack was modified to be a jetpack of sorts, facilitating rapid movements.

It is still a work in progress, though, as they are currently unarmed.

Oh hell…

Really, two months since I last posted?  Man, I feel like such a Lego slacker.

I won’t lie, over the past two months I’ve barely even touched LDD, much less an actual Lego brick.  Even with a Lego Store like 5 minutes from where I work.  My creativity has been sorely lacking.  It wasn’t until last week that I did anything at all in any Lego medium, after finishing “Lego: A Love Story” by Jonathan Bender (an intriguing read, and if you have a “Book Express” at any malls near you, it can possibly be had for like $3, depending on store stock).  However, sadly it has mostly been Lego mosaics and dioramas (I’ve been planning a diorama in LDD of a wedding scene based on my wedding next year for my fiancee, and I’ve actually begun constructing a small-scale movie theater out of pieces from a single large Pick-a-Brick cup).

Right now, based on limited budgets and such, I’ve been trying to condense my model creations to minifig scales with simplified designs, but sadly I just can’t seem to recreate the awesomeness I’m seeing all over the place.  But hopefully there will be something to show soon, and maybe something I can really build economically…

All apologies…

60 hours a week is killing my creativity.

When you spend 40 hours a week chasing two year olds around, it leaves you coming home tired.  Even worse when you tack on 15-20 hours over each weekend dealing with adults who often act like two year olds.  So I will admit, I haven’t even opened LDD since…well, probably since I finished my White Walker design.  I’m hoping to get some time on this coming Monday, as I will have the day off due to Labor Day and my fiancee will be out of town, so hopefully I’ll have some exciting new stuff to show off.

I’m also hoping to have some game concepts more fleshed out and ready to share.  Right now, I’ve got plans and designs started for a spy-based game, an Assassin’s Creed-style multiplayer game, and some concepts for some card/board games based around Doctor Who and The Hunger Games.

Maybe the fact that my creativity jumps tracks this rapidly is contributing to my issues…

Yes, more excuses, but…


…I do have something to show.

I know I haven’t updated in a couple of weeks.  This is due to a few big changes in my life.  Firstly, I got myself a new job as a preschool teacher (I’m actually about to be NY certified for elementary school, but I have prior preschool experience and love it) and have been training/working and balancing my first job.  Second, my fiancee and I adopted a dog almost two weeks ago from a local shelter.  So, between balancing two jobs and trying to deal with a cute dog with some separation anxiety issues, my internet access has been limited. (to save money, my fiancee and I rely on the free Wifi in our complex’s “library”)

But, I do have some (Non-Song of Ice and Fire) frames to show off.  These were made solely with pieces from the Star Wars Advent Calendar, for a challenge posted by Mantisking on his blog a short while back. I’ve tried before to use the set for weapons assembly, but ran into issues so I abandoned that project.  Here are a couple designs I threw together recently while I had a break…


First is the Scorpio.  It’s designed to dish out punishment at both Direct Fire and HtH ranges, and it should be clear which systems are at which ranges.  It also has a movement system due to the legs, and a sensor system on the front.

Second is the Stinger.  It has dual Direct Fire on the front and two movement systems, plus two SSRs (represented by the red studs).

I’m also working on concepts for some new Song of Ice and Fire frames.  Particularly, Oberyn Martell has become my newest focus, as I want to try and craft a frame worthy of being called by his nickname, the Red Viper.

Finished White Walker/Other!



This one has finally made it to the finished stages!  The only piece I still had to add was the attachment on the underside, made with some clear blue studs and circular plates, to represent the Evolutionary system.

Next I think I might work on some “Wights”, the dead resurrected by the Others to walk alongside them.